Returns Policy

Facts influencing our policy:

New Zealand law forbids honey to be imported or returned.. Happily, we have never had to deal with the matter.

It is important to note that:

  1. All Manuka honey processed by Waitemata Honey Co Ltd has had its specification certified by a New Zealand government approved analytical laboratory, and:
  2. Waitemata Honey Co Ltd processes honey based on best practices learned from the experience of processing honey for more than 70 years.
  3. Honey cannot be returned simply because a buyer doesn’t like its taste. We suggest that if customers have not previously tasted a particular variety, they should initially order only a minimum quantity so they can be sure that they like it before ordering a larger quantity. If the variety is Manuka, try a less expensive UMF rating first – all ratings taste much the same.
  4. Being a natural product, honey of a particular variety can vary in colour, texture and taste – but not by much.

We are confident that we are supplying the best honey that New Zealand can produce.

We are also of the view that internet business can only flourish if there is honesty and fair play between suppliers and customers. We are committed to enhancing that process and expect the same from our customers.

Our returns policy

  1. We cannot accept returns of unwanted honey – for reasons noted above;
  2. We will make compensation in the unlikely event of incorrect product being delivered, or product damaged in transit:
    • Incorrect deliveries, if proven, will be rectified by sending another consignment of the correct product. In this instance we may require photgraphic evidence.;
    • Product damaged in transit will be compensated in some manner, if appropriate photographs of the damage are emailed to us within 7 days of delivery of the parcel. We will study the matter and suggest a fair and reasonable resolution which could include delivery of replacement honey, cash compensation or a credit against future purchases.
    • In the unlikely instance of a claim, it must be made within 7 days of delivery of the honey.

© 2024 - Waitemata Manuka Honey Direct Ltd
A New Zealand owned and operated company, based in Auckland, New Zealand.
2024 - Waitemata Manuka Honey Direct Ltd
A New Zealand owned and operated company, based in Auckland, New Zealand.