Let food be thy medicine…and medicine be thy food

Advice from Hippocrates, an ancient Greek physician (460 – 370 BC), who also said ‘Foolish is the doctor who despises the knowledge acquired by the ancients’

The healing characteristics of Mānuka honey with UMF™

New Zealand wasn’t known or populated at the time of Hippocrates, so he could not have been aware of Mānuka honey, but he would have been aware of the healing properties of honey in general as it was commonly used to help heal the wounds of the soldiers of Greece and Rome. Had he known about Manuka honey, he may have said something about its healing characteristics.

The Chinese have known honey is good for you for centuries. Here is a comment about the use of honey in both the East and West:

‘There are times when our ability to explain things in medical terms can’t be done because there have not been rigorous ‘scientific’ studies to provide the information. However, human experience is also an important judge. People in China didn’t need a Western medical authority to tell them whether or not honey is good for the stomach or explain exactly the components involved. They have been taking it for centuries for indigestion, arguably as long as honey has been used in the West for wounds and burns. Honey is an important component of Chinese medicine, and users have no doubts that it works.

‘Extracted from ‘Mānuka the biography of an extraordinary HONEY’      Cliff Van Eaton 2014

And so it is with Mānuka Honey with UMF™. There have been no rigorous scientific studies of its medical efficacy, (except for one in August 2020 – see below), but it could be that there has there been enough observation of the results of using the honey for the treatment of wounds and burns, sore throats and digestive disorders to be confident of its use in those circumstances. Perhaps the many practical experiences and observations are the equivalent of scientific rigour…. The knowledge acquired by the ancients?

Honey could be better for minor coughs and colds than drugs
Oxford University scientists, August, 2020

The West has not yet “scientifically” proven that honey is better for minor coughs and colds than drugs. However a group of Oxford scientists have systematically reviewed the results of 14 previous studies and has concluded that honey is probably better for minor coughs and colds than drugs. Commentators note that the review is not rigorous science, so please read the comments at the link below and form your own view.


What isn’t known is whether Manuka honeys with a UMF rating are more effective for coughs and colds than other honeys. The Oxford scientists make the observation that any honey, is better than drugs, so a selection of our least expensive high quality honey is below. Choose a variety of 250 gram jars or lozenges to explore which tasty treat suits you best when dealing with your coughs and colds.

Lemon and Ginger

Lemon and Menthol


Lozenges with 8%
Manuka UMF™ 10+ honey






Manuka Blend


Manuka UMF™ 5+

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